According to CNET

 Apple and Google are trying to have your smart phones be more closely tied to the “nondigital aspects of  your life.”  Both platforms want to turn your phone into your digital wallet for storing your Legal ID and other essential documents, which can make your device more closely reflect  your identity than ever before.

The Digital Wallet is a big focus during Apple’s iOs 16 announcement and Googles Android 13 preview. Google has updated its wallet feature to be on the same level as Apple’s now.  Previously it had been widely believed to be inferior.

Their goal is to make physical wallets obsolete, which can definitely be a good thing for convenience.  But some might be concerned about the privacy implications that this can cause.  Anyone has to weigh the pros-vs cons of allowing these devices to house so much of your privacy.  

Regardless you can tell that both Apple and Google are moving in this direction.

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